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Club Team Tryouts

Lax Factory/3d Maryland is excited to announce tryouts for our Fall 2018 season!!! 

Our announcement for Lax Factory tryouts comes with some added anticipation this fall as 3d Lacrosse is officially expanding operations in the Mid-Atlantic, with the transition of Lax Factory to becoming 3d Maryland. Our goal at 3d is to bring you the same top notch experience you’re used to with Lax Factory and combine it with 3d Lacrosse’s industry leading training and expanded programming, services and exposure for players!!!

We wanted to tell you a little bit more about the 3d Lacrosse Methodology and what players can expect from a typical training session with 3d Maryland.

The 3d Methodology, born out of 3d Lacrosse’s proprietary Box-Field Hybrid™ Development System, represents decades of cumulative coaching knowledge gleaned and learned from several hundred coaches ranging from the most experienced Canadian and Iroquois box lacrosse coaches to Hall of Fame college lacrosse coaches.

What began essentially as the notebook of one coach has since grown into the industry’s leading coaching “think tank” aimed at improving coaching knowledge and standards at all levels from coast to coast. 3d Lacrosse’s staff of coaches has studied the field and box game under experts, identifying best practices in both realms for player development. The 3d Methodology has been compiled to teach and train in both environments or a variation on them – such as “box on the field” or “field in the box” – with the goal of maximizing a player’s dynamic abilities, knowledge and their love of the game.

Engrained in 3d Lacrosse coaches through a staged certification process, the 3d Methodology arms coaches with endless unique teaching tools and a proven framework to guide players through carefully planned, age- and skill-appropriate stages of progression that will help players at any level develop greater skills and game sense and be better prepared to advance to the next stage.